Small and Medium Size Businesses or Enterprises Integrate Online

Digital handhold

Use video and live real time collaboration between you and the team, clients or suppliers in different locations, integrate with your CRM.

With your website integrate social media element, polls, chat by participants and reactions. So that you are active. So off your reviews.

With Microsoft team, Skype and zoom have one to many communications video anytime of the day all around the world.

Meetup with you groups so you can record the live stream and develop a catalogue for archiving.

Screen share of documents, spreadsheets, white boards or other work in an integrate way for group participation.

Hardware and software used on many devices with a simple login via the cloud so can take work on the go.

Can lock down with layers of security and encryption.

Link with many other platforms or channels, integrated with email and calendars etc.

Ecommerce, adverts and direct call to actions CTA to sales.

Analytics and insight into new opportunities are now cloud based and different groups can view data they are interested in.


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