Digital Marketing

Digital handhold

Small businesses across the UK we welcome you with an offer and an incredible opportunity to get exposure on social media channels the offer extends to the local and national press as well as joining an incredible small business community.

Many businesses believe that building an online presence with a website will solve their marketing and promotional challenges leading to sales revenue. Put a website up and they will come our problems of how to reach paying customer is resolved. But in our experience we have learnt that the best companies have a multi channel approach to reaching their promotion goals, their prospective customers or clients. Today entrepreneurs with small businesses are keen to commit to greater plans. Foydigital are not suggesting a simple website only with a list of your products and services on them we are proposing a customer centric approach so that your customers repeat business, they keep coming back.

Foydigital as an online agency we are advocating that a business takes a long term view by developing a complete customer journey through multiple channels. This could mean an 18 month plan involving a website, blog, data collection and social media presence. The project then become digital marketing. An example of this is using landing pages for lead generation. Best practices for generating leads with high-converting landing pages are optimised landing page design, A/B testing, measuring the success to conversion into leads. HubSpot and Cincopa can be used for this type of marketing project. Furthermore being part of a network of businesses is how to gain traction which is repeat business orders.

Digital marketing meetup

Digital Marketing Education meetups will get you ready for new opportunities as virtual working using cloud based technology is the future for your business, profession and employment strategy. Join us, take advantage of our expert knowledge in this subject as your digital education is a journey which never stops.

This group is sponsored by Digital Marketing Education which offers courses and workshops on different aspects of digital marketing. Other sponsors are West Africa Phones and West Africa Money.